ABC Objectives



  • To keep participants informed of the intricacies and benefits the ABC Real Estate and Business Development Programs; we will create and distribute learning/marketing materials, including digital and multi-media content/shows.
  • Collaborate & secure with local programs and organizations focused on advancement of the black community. ABC will provide them with: funding, resources, and manpower.
  • Continued stabilization & improvements through securing competent staff, creating operational systems and safeguards for ABC crowdfunding and Real Estate and Business Development program model
  • Create a think tank of local investors, real estate/business professionals, accountants, business owners, law enforcement officials, politicians, and former gang members to help steer ABC Foundation a direction that it is being most effective pursuant to local community dynamics.

We Are...

  • One of the few programs exclusively offering the black community real estate and business economic enrichment/empowerment programs leveraging the JOBS ACT 
  • The only organization offering guidance and participation from seasoned Black Real Estate/Business investors and professionals
  • The only organization that uses its proceeds to fund Long Beach & far reaching communities to save young lives and build a better black community.