• Create jobs and wealth for individuals in the black community, and economically empower the black community as a whole
  • Create sufficient funds through the ABC Real Estate and Business Development Program to make ABC Foundation self-sufficient (not dependent on government funds are grants), and able to fully fund its Mentorship, Education, and Anti-Violence program initiatives.
  • Reduce crime, drugs, and all other forms of violence that stems from ignorance, disenfranchisement, and hopelessness, and generally make the black community a safer place to live, grow, and prosper
  • Within 50 plus years completely transform black communities across the U.S. into a prosperous, safe, and culturally rich areas where property values will skyrocket to the levels of similar neighboring communities -- providing extended wealth for generations to come.



We will measure the success of the ABC Real Estate and Business Development program by the success of its crowdfunding campaigns, the amount and quality of businesses funded and/or acquired by the program, and the wealth, profits,

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ABC Real Estate or Business Development
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We are one of the few programs exclusively offering the black community real estate and business economic enrichment/empowerment programs leveraging the JOBS ACT

We are the only organization offering such programs along with guidance and participation from seasoned black real estate/business investors and professionals

We are the only program/organization that uses its proceeds from the programs to fund far reaching community based initiatives to save young lives and build a better black community

Every person who invests in well-selected real estate, in a growing section of prosperous community, adopts the surest & safest method of becoming independent. For real estate is the basis of wealth.
— Theodore Roosevelt, 26th US President


  1. Create and distribute comprehensive learning/marketing materials, including digital and multi-media content/shows, to educate the black community as to the intricacies and benefits the ABC Real Estate and Business Development Programs
  2. Secure partnerships and collaborate with local programs and organizations focused on advancement of the black community, and provide them funding, resources, and manpower, as well as introduce ABC Foundation to their members/participants.
  3. Securing competent staff,  create operational systems and safeguards, continue developing and improving the core ABC crowdfunding platform, and stabilize the ABC Real Estate and Business Development program model.
  4. Create a think tank/advisory board of local investors, real estate/business professionals, accountants, business owners, law enforcement officials, politicians, and gang members/leaders to help steer ABC Foundation in the right direction ensuring that it is being most effective pursuant to local community dynamics