The Profound Violence and 1,000s of Young Black Males Killed By Other Young Black Males Each Year in Black Communities Across America Must Be Stopped ...




As the founders of the ABC Foundation, we found the level of violence in the black community the most shocking, appalling, and out right unacceptable. We are sure that any human being with a conscious that reads the "Statistics" that we have compiled on this issue will feel just as outraged and saddened as we are.  We are turning our anger into a productive and powerful force for change -- as it is the primary reason we formed the ABC Foundation.

We realize that the black violence (including "spouse abuse") and widespread killings effects and often times overshadows all other issues and efforts to help in the black community. For example, how could a child focus on school, or anything else for that matter, if they don't feel safe walking to school, or even in their own homes. Or how can we expect a black youth to truly focus on school or effectively dream about the future, if him or her are not sure of, or, as is often the case, has concluded in their minds that they are not going to live to even see age 18.

We believe that most blacks know about the grim statistics and care, but simply don't know how to help, or feel that any contribution they make would be too small or insignificant to make a difference, so they just settle with or accept things as they are as fate. And then there's millions of blacks that simply don't know statistics or realize the gravity of the situation. They, too, numbly accept the violence and killings in the community as a way of life, not seeing or truly understanding the devastating trickle down effects that it is having and had over the decades.

ABC Foundations's highly unique Anti-Violence Program now enable "individuals" in both these groups to not only make a "huge" difference in this area -- but directly help economically empower the black community and "themselves" in the process . Our Programs are intertwined in this sense, and wrap around the community full circle.

That is, our Real Estate and Business Development initiatives will fund a full-time around the clock ABC Mentor Army while further providing direct income streams and increasing asset value to participating individuals. In the process, as a results of our Anti-Violence initiatives (as outlined in detail below), our Kids will feel safe and able to focus on our Educational programs (as well as school and other programs). In short, we will literally create well equipped and empowered villages within the black community to assist parents in raising their children.



We will work with and help many other anti-violence organizations and programs in the black community that address these areas in some way. This will allow us to focus and work more intensely on core areas in ways that are not being addressed.

Here's our core two prong plan of attack:


        1.    ABC Mentor Arm

  • You can access our full "Mentorship" Program operational plan and guidelines by clicking the "Program/Mentorship" tab on the "Home" page. Our mentorship program has four levels.


  • Our "Mentor Army" component ("Level 4")  goes beyond traditional mentoring, and represents a new intense mentoring model, where the mentor works with assigned youth on a full time basis -- augmenting or shadowing the parent(s). They effectively become a child's parent or guardian outside of the childs household in the streets, which is the toughest yet missing and needed component of all. 


  • Together with the parent(s), we will assess the child's needs and challenges,  and design a specific game plan to essentially surround him/her with a blanket a love and protection. This may even require walking a child/youth to and/or from school, or even to the mall or the corner store. The goal is to let the child and the neighborhood (especially the thugs or bad actors) know that the child/youth has a YBA hedge of protection around him or her -- and that they are safe to learn, grow, and be successful.  


  • Each Mentor Army Member will be assigned 25-50 youth, depending on their capacity to handle a large caseload, and/or the dynamics of the child and/or youth's circumstances. For example, More active kids in rougher neighborhoods may require more attention. The Mentor Army members will report to assigned ABC Foundation Supervisors, who will handle all scheduling and administration of the program. 


  • This is not only our hardest yet most important component of Mentorship Program, it is the most expensive as our mentors on this level have to eat, live, be successful, and grow themselves. For this reason, our Mentor Army will be offered regular pay and benefits -- along with an opportunity to receive ownership in the for-profit businesses that our sister, for-profit organization, ABC Real Estate & Business Development, will operate as part of our "Economic Empowerment" Program for the black community.


        2.     ABC Anonymous Gun Buy-Back Program

The facts show that more than 30,000 people are killed by firearms each year across the country. And in cases of domestic violence, the presence of a gun increases the risk of homicide by 500 percent.

As we now know black males up over 50% of these homicide victims, taken guns off that street will directly same thousands of young black lives each year. And we also know that over 90% of the murderers in these cases were black males -- who are eventually caught and imprisoned. Thus, removing guns from the street will also, consequently, directly prevent 1,000s of young black life to be taken by the state each year. 

Despite the gravity and profound benefits of taking guns off the street, the programs designed to take guns off the street (aside from confiscations by police), are scarce and limited, even though they are highly effective. For example, the Los Angeles Police Department  (LAPD), in partnership with the Major's "Gang Reduction and Youth Development" (GRYD) program, has what's called the "Anonymous Gun Buy-Back Program" annually. How the program works and its benefits are outlined below:


  • The GRYD office aligned its outreach efforts on the Gun Buyback initiative to specifically focus its outreach to areas within the City that have the highest propensity for violence.


  • Each year there Gun Buyback locations are selected located within the Los angeles are selected.  In exchange for surrendering a firearm, an individual receives a gift card.


  • Participants drive through the collection line, firearms are inspected and classified Participants then complete a survey and received a gift card upon departure.


  • The amount per firearm is up to $100 for all handguns, rifles, and shotguns surrendered and up to $200 for assault weapons as classified by the State of California.


  • The average number is guns collected during  these events is around 1,000


  • This program is typically sponsored (money/gift cards supplied by) local businesses


  • over 13,000 guns have been taken off the street as a result of this program


We will sponsor the expansion of the the Mayor's gun buy back program to black communities across the nation, where it will be held once a month, rather than once a year.


3.     Partnerships With Anti-Violence Programs in the Community

As the evidence shows the limited (but still successful) nature of the Los Angeles Mayor's GRYD Gun Buy-Back Program, it is clear that the Government alone has neither the resources nor knowledge to sustain a safe environment day in and day out.

We will work with Government, community leaders/programs, and local residents to take responsibility block by block. Focusing on a known violent zone, we will collaborate with the police, schools, and other agencies to clear destabilizing elements of violence and crime, and help local community organizations and members lead Gun-Buy back and other anti-violence initiatives to positively change the activity in the local community and around it. 

In each neighborhood, there are already many types of violence prevention and intervention programs and initiatives, such as block clubs, Head Start, and workforce training. There are also already many existing assets, such as schools, farmers markets, parks, community centers, and churches.

In addition to structured programs, many residents are committed to strong and peaceful communities and live out that commitment day after day with their own families and neighbors. Ensuring consistent high quality and using resources appropriately requires community leadership in each neighborhood, along with our assistance.  

We, with the help of the community, will reach out to City, County, and State government officials, and gain their assistance in supporting local faith leaders, business owners, nonprofit executives, and other stakeholders, to foster an environment where the local black community and its children can feel safe, succeed, and thrive for generations to come.



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