State of the Black Community


The statistics are Shocking!

The indisputable facts and statistics here should make any black person angry and ashamed. If you're don't, it means that you have grown numb to the facts and circumstances of your surroundings.  If you didn't know before, now you do, so there's no excuse.

We can do something to change these facts and statistics ourselves. Join ABC Foundation in building a stronger more united black community, starting with Long Beach. If WE don't care, why should anyone else care.

Compiled by ABC Foundation

Child & Teen Deaths (per 100,000) 

  1. National Average: 25

  2. Black Children: 36

  • Among boys and men ages 15-34, African Americans are over 20 times more likely than whites to be victims of gun homicide.

  • While Blacks make up just 13.3% of the population, we have consistently accounted for close to half the country's homicide victims.

  • There were almost 6,000 blacks killed by other blacks in 2015.

  • Data shows that 93 percent of black homicide victims are killed by other blacks. Versus 84% whites killed by whites.

  • According to Riley, "Blacks commit violent crimes at 7 to 10 times the rate that whites do".

  • 38.5% of people arrested for murder, manslaughter, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault were black.

  • Black youth are five times more likely to be victims of homicide.

  • Homicide is the leading cause of death among African American youth ages 15 to 24.

  • Living in urban environments also increases the risk of exposure to violence and one-quarter of low-income, urban youth have witnessed a murder.


The State of the Black Community.

We, black America, are a nation of nearly 40 million souls inside a nation of more than 320 million people. Yet Blacks have been responsible for 50% of the nation's homicides for the past 30 years. A comprehensive study called "The State of Black Long Beach", shows how blacks in a city with the second largest black population in Southern California (Long Beach) are the poorest, most dangerous, and least educated in the city.