Forward Statement ...

The truth about our culture is that for hundreds of years blacks lived in Africa in peace and harmony, in loving communities and relationships. Undisputed evidence shows that life on this planet started in Africa, then spread to the rest of the continents.  We are in no way genetically or mentally inferior to the other races.  

The unfortunate truth is we have never recovered from the effects of slaver and have passed the emotional turmoil from generation to generation.  The masters brutally and purposely broke the bonds of attachment, emotion and affection between: black husbands and wives, mothers and children, and brothers and sisters.  This design was purposeful to keep them from resisting slavery. The masters turned them against each other to keep them subjugated; this is still evident today. 

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was able to get us to come together to secure our civil rights after 100+ years of continued subjugation.  Since then we have we accepted a combination of welfare and other handouts, all designed to placate us and keep us quiet and subdued.  This has contributed to the crisis of the black community today.  

ABC Foundation was created to uplift the Black community and undo the system that has been built to subjugate us. We want to create the bonds our communities we once had in Africa.  ABC Foundation is committed to empowering and uplifting the black community through our 4 core programs: Education, Mentorship, Economic Empowerment and Anti-Violence. 

People must be made consumers by one method or the other. Once they are placed in this position, we need to be concerned that the potential of the individual is not wasted.
— Dr. King: Speech on Economic Empowerment


ABC Foundation Mission  

To build a better Black community through aggressive Mentorship, Education, Economic Empowerment, and Anti-Violence initiatives

ABC Foundation Vision

An economically empowered Black Community where kids can feel safe & prosper no matter where they live as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. died trying to accomplish.

We thank you for giving us an opportunity to share or "Mission" and "Vision" with you -- and we pray that you will join us in our fearless and unselfish fight to accomplish them.


The  ABC Foundation Team

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           Veteran businessman Steven Brooks started Higher Purpose Capital in 2015 after spending nearly 25 years developing and operating his own businesses. Since he launched Higher Purpose Capital with two employees, the company has been successful in assisting individuals and businesses raise capital and grow. As the Company is "purpose driven", it takes pride in also helping struggling families save their homes, and serving the community through charitable contributions. 

           The Company has also partnered with numerous non-profit organizations over the years to build tech and entrepreneurship programs in disadvantaged areas throughout the inner city. Mr. Brooks saw the need to centralize this focus and introduce these and other programs to black communities across the county, providing job, real estate, and business opportunities as a means to build communities and stop senseless gang violence. He co-founded the ABC Foundation to further this mission.

           The ABC Foundation teams is committed to not just leveraging the real estate and business transactions to empower the black community, but to making it a safer and better place to live so that our children can thrive and prosper well into the future.


Company Headquarters                                          Steve Brooks

127 West 7th Street                                                 Co-Executive Director
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