ABC Business Development



the creative black businesses that have never has the opportunity to receive funding with the  support of you and ABC. Here's the simple key points to our ABC Business Development program:

The problem indicates that our emphasis must be twofold: we must create full employment or we must create our incomes.
— Dr. King: Speech on Economic Empowerment

1.    Apply steps 1-5 above, in allowing the community as a whole to invest in and purchase local businesses in the local community and beyond.

It's just that simple!

As with our Real Estate Development program, you will have the will benefit of working alongside and investing directly with highly successful, seasoned business professionals who have carefully vetted each business investment opportunity.  

ABC Business Development program will...

  • Encourage inspiring entrepreneurs to  submit business plans.  Business Plans will be reviewed by our professionals and if accepted by ABC Business Development will post to the site and receive for funding.
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs simply post and community investors simply select, a business opportunity that appears promising on the ABC Business Development platform.
  • Business' posted to our site must meets stringent guidelines.
  • ABC community investors will have a wide variety of businesses investment opportunities to choose and potentially reap enormous profits from. Entrepreneurs who submitted business plans will have an opportunity to receive community funding and support.

ABC Business Development funded businesses is great edge as their customers -- as investors -- will be much more inclined not only buy from the business over competitors but also share and promote the business on social media and other digital platforms.