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In Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's speech, "Where Do We Go From Here,"

he spoke about the necessity and power of economic empowerment. In addition to racial equality, his mission was to bring about economic empowerment in the black community. Mr. King forcefully emphasized that this was absolutely necessary in order for the black community to truly enjoy their freedoms and thrive.  WE must complete the mission and make this dream -- OUR dream -- a reality.

Today, we must wisely and effectively use our minds and resources --  and leverage the mediums that are available to us. The JOBS ACT (new financial medium) indeed puts the power in our hands to attain economic empowerment for ourselves and the black community as a whole. The JOBS ACT enables everyday people to pool their funds together (or crowdfunding") to buy equity in real estate and/or businesses in their community -- and collectively reap the profits and attain wealth.   Our core plans in this area center is to skillfully leverage the JOBS Act in the Long Beach community and beyond. These plans, moreover, will directly help fund our other program initiatives.


The problem indicates that our emphasis must be twofold: We must create full employment or we must create our incomes.
— Dr. King: Speech on Economic Empowerment
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ABC Real Estate Development

ABC Foundation is taking advantage of the JOB Act to bring real economic growth in the Long Beach Area, while also giving individuals in the community the opportunity to independently attain great wealth. Weekly classes on real estate investment will be held throughout communities where we operate.

Here's how it will work in 5 easy steps:

1.    Log-on to our ABC Real Estate Development website to review well vetted properties in your community. (Note: website is under development)

2.    Read all information and disclosures pertaining to each property then choose a property you want to invest in. 

3.    Make your investment via our secure crowdfunding platform and encourage all your friends to do the same via social media, etc. The investment can be as low as $50.  Be Advised that the asking price for a particular property must be raised in full, or all money will be returned  to community investors, and they will have  to pursue another property.

4.   Track the progress and potential profit flow from your property online in real time.   Revenue  is collected in the form of rental income and/or proceeds from the sale of a property.  "Fix & Flip" deals (NOTE: A "fix and flip" where the property is     purchased as a  fixer upper)  When ABC purchases a Fix & Flip, profit sales from the property will be split amongst ABC and all community investors. 

5. Repeat ... It's that simple

***Note that each property will come with a full report and financial breakdown that will explain the risks and show the full profit potential of each property. Depending on the type of property it may take longer to realize a return. For example, a ground up construction project while often times more lucrative may take up to two years to produce a return.