ABC Business Devolopment


Aside from real estate, companies and knowledgeable individuals are also using the JOBS ACT/crowdfunding in the same manner to raise funds to start or expand businesses.  Here's the simple key points as to our ABC Business Development program ...

1.    The same principles and steps 1 through 5 above, in allowing the community as a whole to invest in and purchase local businesses in the          local community and beyond, apply to our business Business Development program.  

2.    As with our Real Estate Development program, you will have the will benefit of working along side and investing directly with highly         successful, seasoned business and business professionals 75 plus years experience who have carefully vetted each business investment        opportunity.   

3.    Our business development initiative is notably more expansive than our real estate initiative, in that members of the community can                   submit business plans and, if accepted by ABC, post to the ABC Business Development site and receive funding directly  from their                   neighbors, friends, and family in the local community.

4.   This gives ABC funded businesses a great edge as their customers -- as investors -- will be much more inclined not only buy from the        business over competitors, but also share and promote the business on social media, etc.

5.   Aspiring entrepreneurs simply post, and community investors simply select, a business opportunity that appears promising on the ABC        Business Development platform.

6.   Business selected and posted to our site must meets stringent guidelines, and will have an opportunity to receive community funding and        support.  

7.    ABC community investors will have a wide variety of businesses investment opportunities to choose and potentially reap enormous         profits from.



 the creative black businesses that have never had the opportunity to receive funding. With the support of ABC Foundation and you as investors there is no doubt that we can build creative black entrepreneurs.

 Our collective support will result in: personal wealth for the black entrepreneur and economic empowerment for the black community as a whole.